Night Out in Denville

Denville, New Jersey has the perfect mix of peaceful outdoor fun and lively nightlife. Estling Village is your guiding light to some of the best local restaurants, bars, and artsy little spots around the neighborhood if you are looking to have a fun night out on the town.

Our apartments are conveniently close to downtown Denville, which is pretty much the spot to be at if you’re searching for things to do. Around here, you’re sure to have a good time because the people who live in Denville are quite the crowd. That’s because we’re located just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the Denville train station, which provides direct access to New York City.

Live Entertainment in Denville, New Jersey


Thatcher McGhee’s Irish Pub & Eatery is highly recommended. There are loads of delicious eats, such as their scrumptious Irish fare selections. If you’re unfamiliar with Irish pub food, they have an Irish Sampler that’s more than enough for two. They also have enjoyable items like bangers and mash, potato skins, A+ hamburgers, and their Guinness is on point!

With a spacious bar and layout, their atmosphere is exciting for events and entertainment. They always have something fun going on at this place. If you’re interested in happy hours, eclectic egg shows, DJ’s, open mic night, or trivia of a different nature, then go here! More importantly, their seating is great and their staff is the friendliest. Would you believe they even let your dog dine outside on the patio with you?


On the other hand, Denville also has the Famished Frog Sports Bar. This is the place to kick back, watch sports, and sip delectable pints of draft beer. This spot is also right on for local bands and live music. Just be sure to get there before they shut down their dinner menu. You absolutely cannot go to the Famished Frog and leave without trying their bacon beer meatloaf. Their buffalo chicken sandwich is also pretty killer!


Bring Your Own Bottle in Denville, NJ

B.Y.O.B is just better. These next three picks are entirely B.Y.O.B. friendly! But we have to admit; we also chose these spots because they’re chockfull of interesting cuisines.


Café Metro is a Vegetarian & Seafood Restaurant. This place has lots of good options for vegetarians and vegans. And, you don’t have to be either to quickly claim this space as your new local favorite. They have the best peanut butter cheesecake and the best tasting vegan carrot cake on earth. Their outdoor seating is nice and they’re very creative with their food specials. We also enjoy their display of artwork created by local photographers and painters. We’re all about local support! Wait, did we mention their meatless meatballs?

Next in line is Caffe Delhi Indian Food. The restaurant is small, but it offers cozy hospitality. It’s an excellent place for the best garlic naan and laccha prantha. It truly is a great place to go whenever you crave Indian food, but pace yourself! You don’t ever want the food to stop because it’s very well crafted. Their items are hand-made and best eaten in multiple, small, enjoyable courses.


Third, we have a hidden gem called La Cucina that is actually a converted house, so all the rooms have great charm! La Cucina is the spot to go when you’re in the mood for traditional Italian cuisine because they know what they’re doing. However, the main attraction is Mr. Salvatore and his accordion. This guy plays all the Italian classics, a few tango tunes, and he doesn’t mind when customers sing-a-long. So, bring your own bottle, indulge in cozy Italian food that makes you happy, and listen to music that makes you sing even when your mouth is full.


Artsy Activities to Try in Denville, New Jersey

For arts and crafts in Denville, two places immediately come to mind – Uptown Art or Brushes and Bisque. Both places are excellent options if you want to mix things up because paints and booze are quite the mixer!

Let’s start with Uptown Art. They’re the premiere paint studio of Denville. You go there to eat, drink, and paint happy. This groovy hangout offers a great night out experience for socializing with friends, family, or new faces. They’re also B.Y.O.B. Uptown Art provides step by step art instruction, paint supplies, canvases, aprons and everything you need while milking your wine and laughing with company. Go here and you’ll actually leave knowing a thing or two about painting. You also get to go home with your own creation so you can hang it up and show off a little bit. It’s very fun.

Our second artsy pick of the blog is a paint your own pottery and clay studio by the name of Brushes and Bisque. The staff is friendly, helpful, and they definitely go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. It’s a very hospitable atmosphere. The cool part is you get to go to this place to make custom plates, mugs, or knick-knacks and you get to leave with items that can be given away as extra special gifts. Oh, and this colorful dwelling is yet another B.Y.O.B joint located in good old Denville.

Don’t Forget…

The NJ Transit-Denville Subway & Light Rail Station is in walking range from Estling Village. Might we suggest a quick trip to NYC for the night owls who can’t sleep? Wherever you decide to spend your night out in Denville, you can have a great time knowing you will come home to Estling Village. Contact us today to find the perfect home in Denville, NJ!