DIY Apartment Decor

Congratulations on making Estling Village your new home! Once you’ve completed your moving day activities, you have to start to figure out how you’ll add your own personal touch to the place—how you’ll make this apartment your home.  Here are a few simple ideas of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) décor that are easy to complete, and easy on the wallet.

Create a Headboard

A beautiful headboard is an awesome way to add a dramatic effect to your bedroom. However, headboards are pricey- often costing around $500. Complete a DIY headboard project by going to your local home improvement store and getting plywood in the dimensions you would like your headboard. Pick out a padding of your choice to add some volume, and finish by wrapping your favorite fabric over top – securing with a staple gun. Then, simply mount your new headboard to your bed for a gorgeous finished product!


Image via Kindle Your Creativity

Use Sheets To Spice Up The Appearance Of Your Furniture

If you have old ratty furniture that still works well, but looks terrible, consider using flat sheets as a way of dressing them up.  You don’t have to go out and purchase expensive sofa covers or—even more costly—pay to have them reupholstered.  Using a flat sheet and strategically placing a safety pin or two can give your furniture a brand new look without requiring a lot of work on your end. Say hello to fresh, “new” furniture.


Image via Mommy’s Middle Ground

Reuse and Recycle

Before you toss that glass jar or pass by a wooden crate, think of the possibilities! Many DIY projects involve items you use everyday that just need a little TLC. Spray paint some old jars for the perfect storage. Or, spruce up some crates from the grocery store to create an awesome bookshelf! The possibilities are endless.

DIY apartment décor will set you apart from the rest. Use these tips, and other ideas that come to mind, to create a beautiful space that reflects your awesome style. Need the apartment home first? Apply now to Estling Village!