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When you live in New Jersey, rainy days are bound to happen time-to-time. Don’t let some bad weather ruin your fun! While you can’t visit your favorite outdoor spots in New Jersey, there are a variety of different rainy day activities you can enjoy without having to leave your apartment. Read our favorite things to do on a rainy day below!

How to Take Advantage of a Rainy Day

Head to the Gym

Although it may be raining outside, it doesn’t mean you have to be lazy! You can head over to your fitness studio at your apartment to get a killer work out in. You can also get creative with what type of workout you want to do! Run on the treadmill, hit the bike, or do some strengthening exercises to take full advantage of your rainy day free time. If you don’t want to step outside, there are plenty of at home exercises you can find online!

Board Games

Board games are a great rainy day activity the whole family can enjoy! Between old classics like Monopoly and new favorites like Cards Against Humanity, you and your family or friends can bond with some quality time and great laughs. If you’re home alone, reach out to your neighbors and see if they want to join you on this rainy day!

Movie and Television Binge

Start up some Netflix or HBO Go and enjoy a movie marathon all day. Grab some snacks, start popping some popcorn, and take the day to relax. You can either lay in bed alone or invite a few friends over to accompany you in your lounge day. Since there are limited things to do outdoors on a rainy day, it seems that catching up on your favorite movies and TV shows is a great activity!

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