6 Tips for Renting an Apartment in the New Year

You never want to rush into renting an apartment too quickly. That’s why renting an apartment needs a checklist. Time, patience and strategy is needed while making this decision. No matter if you’ve lived in an apartment before, the process can’t be performed last second. A checklist will help you judiciously avoid making any impulsive choices. Here are six tips to add to your checklist, while planning to rent an apartment in the New Year.


The first step to setting up a plan for renting an apartment starts with figuring out what you can afford. A budget can help you understand what your maximum financial sustenance is for a home. Many apartments vary in size and amenity features, but the higher quality of the space the more expensive it becomes. Gathering all of your expenses and financial information will attribute to an educated rental decision. Love a space that you can afford!

Decide on a Location

Location should be next up on your checklist. You can’t make a decision on an apartment without at least regarding the location of the property. All potential apartment renters will have different priorities in mind, so the final decision on location will ultimately be up to the individual. A few things to keep in mind include local amenities, proximity to means of transportation and a work commute. Decide on a location that feels right to you, your job and your wallet.

Get Your Paperwork Together

Getting your paperwork together will save you the headache of delaying your move in, or not being able to rent an apartment at all. Gather pay stubs, photo ID, W-2s, tax returns, bank statements and a proof of employment letter just to be safe. If you found the perfect apartment and don’t have any paperwork ready, someone else can beat you to it. Having your information all ready to go can only help you. It’ll grant you the ability to rent the apartment of your dreams.

What Can’t You Live Without

Deciding between which amenities you can’t live without will make a huge difference throughout your apartment search. For example, if you don’t like doing laundry anywhere else than in your home, only look for homes with washer and dryers readily available. Make a list of what a features and amenities you really want in your apartment, and then go from there.

Understand Your Lease

Before and after you sign the lease, look over your lease. A contract such as this will contain detailed information on what to expect and what’s expected of you. Looking over it will help you understand your rights and the promises that need to be upheld in your agreement with the landlord.

Apartments for Rent in Denville, New Jersey

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