5 Facts About Denville School Systems

Moving takes a lot of research, coordination and weighing out pros and cons before making a final decision. Arguably one of the most significant factors throughout the home buying process is taking a deep look into the school systems – especially if you have children. On the flip side, even if you don’t have kids, you’ll want to see your tax money being well invested into a reputable school district. The payoff of seeing a local schooling system flourish is great and it’s important to take into consideration while searching for new home. To help give you some inside information on one of New Jersey’s top schools in Morris County, here are five facts about the education system in Denville.

Fast Facts About the Denville School District

Before getting into the top features of the Denville School District, the following will list the schools that Morris County residents can attend.

  • Denville Township K-8 School District
    • Riverview Elementary School – Public K-5
    • Lakeview Elementary School – Public K-5
    • Valleyview Middle School – Public 6-8
  • Morris Hills Regional School District
    • Morris Knolls High School – Public 9-12

The ALICE System

Following along with the popular national program, the Morris County school district trains their students and staff with the ALICE system. This system accompanies school lockdown procedures to increase safety in the event of an unwelcomed intruder. ALICE can be broken down into 5 parts with each letter representing a different phase. A: Alert means recognizing the threat. L: Lockdown means secure oneself in a room for safety. I: Inform means tell others there is a threat C: Counter means fight back if necessary and run away. E: Evacuate literally means evacuate the school. This education tactic by the Denville school systems is making the learning environment that much more safe and well prepared.


Once children reach 6th grade, Valleyview Middle School is where their athletic career can begin. The sports teams available with the Valleyview Vikings offer something for every boy and girl. With a colorful list of Fall, Winter and Spring sports, the kids will be busy and having fun all year long. The following examples are some of the athletic opportunities available to Denville students.

  • Boys & Girls Soccer
  • Boys & Girls Cross Country
  • Boys & Girls Basketball
  • Wrestling
  • Cheerleading
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Intramural Flag Football
  • Intramural Volleyball


Just like schools across the nation, Denville schools have made dedicated commitment to stomping out bullying. Every year, an anti-bullying memo is issued for updated procedures of prevention and handling scenarios of bullying. The schools also have anti bullying coordinators and specialists on staff to help educate students on how to act in school and care for one another. The schools also note that “electronic communication,” or cyber bullying, must be reported immediately in order to handle the situation properly – since this type of bullying can occur outside of school grounds. This is just another measure of making the district a safe and fun environment for children to learn and grow.

Homework Procedure

Denville schools make it a point that their students are responsible for their homework. Every day, students are required to record their homework. Assignments will also be posted online no more than 1 hour after school ends. This is to ensure that there is transparency with the parents and that no assignment can be missed or forgotten.


The Morris Hills Regional School District is currently distributing all incoming freshman classes with new Chromebook laptops for use in school. With technology as one of the most significant learning tools, the local school system is dedicated to providing students with as much hands on experience as possible. Students will receive daily access to valuable resources and applications to strengthen critical thinking, collaboration and creativity in addition to the current curriculum.

Living in Denville, New Jersey

When searching for a new place to live, the needs of the family often come before your own personal preferences. Your priorities may even revolve around putting your children in the best possible scenario to learn, grow and be happy. Acknowledging their benefit first is the sign of a loving family – and Denville, New Jersey is home to a caring community with the very same goals. If you’re looking for the perfect blend of location, luxury home living and a great school system for the kids, then an apartment in Denville, NJ is definitely worth consideration. Estling Villages’ townhome-style rental residences are available in many accommodating floor plans to fit the requirements of any family. With commuter friendly rentals, getting to and from is just as noteworthy as our apartment amenities. If Estling Village is shaping up to fit your living goals, you can apply here or contact us for additional information on our stunning rental opportunities.