5 Summer Decor Ideas for Your Apartment

Warm weather has finally arrived and is here to stay! As the seasons change, you may be considering updating your apartment’s decor to reflect the sunnier skies and warmer lights of summer. Yes, it is true that coming up with decorating ideas for apartments that don’t require too much space – or too much storage – can be challenging. To help get the creative wheels turning, here are 5 tips to help you get your apartment ready for summer.

1. Summer Colors

Summer is all about the return of color. After what feels like and endless winter, spring and summer remind us to brighten things up. Use this as an opportunity to redesign your living space and reflect the natural changes happening around you. Starting with color, lightening and brightening the color scheme of a room will allow natural light to shine further and stronger. Consider using natural colors such as light blues, greens and subtle hues of yellow and orange. If you are feeling a little hesitant to redo an entire room, start off with small accents such as picture frames or shower curtains. It’s affordable and very temporary when you switch out any of these pieces. For those looking to give their apartment some serious flair, removable wall decals are available in a variety of shapes, colors and patterns. Remember that the dark winter colors do not necessarily need to be put away, so try mixing and matching for bold color combinations.

2. A Touch of Nature

Another easy way to decorate your apartment for summer is to incorporate the outdoors. Starting with inside, plants are a great summer decor option. Colorful options such as African Violets to durable varieties of succulents make finding the right plant for your level of expertise easy! Plants not only look pretty, but as an added bonus, certain types will purify the air and leave your home with a beautiful scent. For the proven black-thumbs out there, incredibly realistic artificial options are available from most greenhouses. Whether natural or artificial, plants provide a tasteful splash of color to any living area. Thank the summer’s abundance of light to beautify your apartment!

3. Bring the Beach To You

Incorporating nature doesn’t have to stop at plants. Tastefully decorating shelves or centerpieces with seashells, driftwood and sea glass can also help personify summer throughout your apartment. Try filling a glass vase with some assorted sea glass or turn a wide shell into a planter. For an additional nautical touch, fill up a jar with sand from your favorite beach and display it for all to see.

4. Natural Elements

When thinking of decorating, begin working with what you already have. Dark and muted colors are great for winter but are often a bit dull when summer rolls around. Switch out that warm and wooly couch blanket for a lighter and brighter option. A great example is utilizing linens and silks so you can stay cool at nighttime. Removable slipcovers for pillows and couches also add a summer spin to your home. Common household items like doormats can be swapped out for natural fibers, rope and bamboo. When you’re done adding brand new summer elements, you may never want to leave!

5. Take It Outside

For those with access to a balcony, think of revamping that space as well. Citronella candles, wicker dividers, vibrant seat cushions and more can spice up your outdoor area on a warm summer night. Try decorating the perimeter of the balcony with outdoor string lights or lanterns for a well-lit evening. Plants normally housed inside for winter may enjoy a little great outdoors themselves. Planters are usually light enough to be moved inside or out with ease and getting those plants outside should be no problem at all. These simple and inexpensive additions are true staples of summer, so play around with an arrangement that you love.

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