Simple Ways to Select an Apartment Floor Plan that Works for You 

Choosing the perfect apartment floor plan can be harder than one might think. While a lot of an apartment’s layout has to do with an apartment renter’s interior design style and taste, it can also depend on how many people have to live there and what makes the most sense to them overall – as far as the apartment setup goes. Apartment renters can use these easy tips and while choosing the floor plan for their next apartment.

Consider How Many Bedrooms You’ll Need

Bedrooms are a big deal, period. Even though someone might be moving into an apartment as a single person, that could change down the road if he or she decides they’d like a roommate to move in, or if they’re looking to start a family one day. That being said, a one-bedroom apartment floor plan might seem like the easiest option to choose at first. However, upon further speculation, a renter may want to go for a two-bedroom just to keep options open in case their circumstances change.

Functionality Comes Before Aesthetics

Sure, the interior design and overall style of an apartment are certainly important to many apartment renters. After all, it’s the place that a renter calls home and spends most of their time – so it should feel comfortable and be inviting. While choosing the perfect apartment floor plan people should strongly consider the functionality of the space’s layout. This should come first before how aesthetically pleasing an apartment is to them.

Be Mindful of How Many People Will Live There

In theory, sharing a bedroom with a roommate might sound like a great idea—it might even save the apartment renters extra money so they don’t have to pay for more than one bedroom. In reality, sharing a bedroom to cut back on rental fees is not worth the headache and stress. When a renter is choosing the perfect apartment floor plan, it’s best to be honest about how many people are actually living in a space, so that each person can have their own personal bedroom and area to reside comfortably in.

Factor in the Budget

Sometimes apartment floor plans can be a little pricey. It’s important for apartment renters to create and refer to their household budget so that they can truly figure out how much money they are able to spend on rent and other utility-related bills every single month. Even if a three-bedroom apartment might seem like the best fit, it might not be the most affordable option for a renter. So instead of wasting time, draw up a budget and search for apartment floor plans that are in a realistic range.

Make Sure It’s Spacious Enough

There’s nothing worse than being crammed in a tiny apartment with multiple people, or even a small single-resident apartment that barely has any walking or standing room. Picking a floor plan that has an ample amount of space is really important, regardless of how many people are living in the space. Renters should be on the lookout for spacious living areas—especially common areas that will most definitely be shared by more than one person—and areas that have enough room for all of their belongings, furniture, and décor.

Accommodating Apartments in Denville, New Jersey

Apartment renters should only look at apartment villages and communities that offer affordable, spacious floor plan options for their renters. Estling Village at Denville is the best place for floor plan options in New Jersey, as it offers six spacious townhome-style layouts ranging from 1BRs/1.5 Baths + den to 2BR/2.5 Baths. Please contact us to learn more about our floor plan options and apply for an apartment with us today!