Apartment Saving Hacks Every Renter Needs to Know

Renting an apartment is definitely an exciting milestone that deserves to be celebrated, whether it’s a college graduate who is moving into his or her own space for the very first time or a family that’s apartment hunting to find the perfect home. As every apartment renter knows, however, renting an apartment can make money a bit tight at times. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks that apartment renters can use to live comfortably while still saving money.

Start Renting or Borrowing Items Instead of Buying Them

Sure, there are some items within an apartment space that renters rather purchase and own than have temporarily. However, renting and borrowing items from family members and friends, when it makes the most sense, will certainly be sure to cut back on costs from day to day. While a bed, couch and kitchen table are major pieces of furniture that apartment renters should own themselves, there are still plenty of items that renters can use temporarily for little-to-no charge. For example, renters can share cleaning supplies or books with their friends. Additionally, for example, renters can stream movies from Netflix instead of purchasing a brand-new DVD and player for double the cost.

Embrace the Minimalism Trend

Minimalism is a lifestyle trend that embraces the concept of “less is more” and encourages people to declutter their lives and everything in it. The minimalism trend translates really well to apartment renters who are looking to save money since it requires less buying and storing and a lot more saving. Apartment renters shouldn’t go too crazy since people still need to live their lives. However, it should still greatly benefit renters to start decluttering the items in their apartment that they don’t necessarily need. These items could then be sold online or at a garage sale for more money toward rent and other apartment-related expenses.

Practice Eco-Friendly Habits

Since a lot of apartment renters have to pay toward their utility bill every month—putting money toward their electricity, water and gas—a lot of money can be taken away from other expenses in order to make these payments in full and on-time. Practicing eco-friendly, energy-saving habits is the best way to go about cutting down on a utility bill from month to month. Renters will be surprised by just how much money they’re saving by utilizing these best practices. How often an apartment requires the air conditioning or heat to be turned on will depend on the apartment’s location – but even if the heat or AC should be turned on, there are still ways around it. For instance, apartment renters can use electric blankets or run a humidifier to keep warm during the winter. Renters can also use a fan during the day when it is hot and save the AC for nighttime when they’re trying to sleep and need it the most.

Set Up a Budget Each Month   

Whether it’s a one-person apartment or a group of people living in an apartment altogether, establishing a household budget every month will help keep finances in check while saving the most money. Apartment renters should always take into consideration how much money they should be saving every month, how much money should be spent on rent, utilities and insurance, and how much money should go toward variable expenses like gas and groceries. Plotting out percentages, exact monetary amounts, and budget limits will help apartment renters save money every month while still paying their bills on time.

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