Male commuter waiting for train.

How to Efficiently Commute from Denville NJ

There are a handful of Denville, New Jersey residents that reside in homes and luxury apartment rentals alike. Not only is Denville nestled in the heart of scenic northern NJ—it’s also less than an hour away from New York City. Between the affordable prices, beautiful landscape, bustling downtown life and its location to NYC, Denville, NJ has earned itself a spot as one of the best commuter towns in NJ. Here are some simple tips commuters can follow if they live in Denville, NJ.

1. Beat the Traffic

Time is often not on a commuter’s side, especially when they are traveling to NYC from NJ. Even in a town like Denville that is close to NYC, it is still more than likely that a commuter will experience some amount of traffic as they travel to the big apple for work. Figuring out the best possible time to leave so that traffic is avoided altogether is a great idea, which can be easily done by tuning into a local radio station that reports on traffic patterns, or even downloading a GPS map that allows commuters to check on any delays or setbacks. Waking up on time and mapping out a solid travel route ahead of time are also good ideas.

2. Rent an Apartment Close to Public Transportation

Men and women who wish to commute to NYC from Denville, NJ should consider looking into apartment homes that are in a close proximity to pubic transportation stops. Buses and trains primarily make up the NJ public transportation system, which each have stops in Denville. When a renter leases apartment that is close to one of these public transportation stops, it makes their entire commute easier because it cuts down on the time it would normally take to travel there.

3. Leave the Car at Home

Since there are a few NJ public transportation bus stops and train stations in Denville, commuters who live in the quaint town often decide to leave their cars at home and save themselves the money and stress it would normally take to drive to NYC. Investing in a bike is an eco-friendly and reliable option for commuters, since they can ride their bike to the public transportation stops. This allows them to avoid parking costs, dodge car traffic and is good for their overall physical health as well.

4. Eat Out in Downtown Denville

Downtown Denville is a bustling area within the town that contains a variety of restaurants, bars and cafes. Those commuters living in Denville should definitely take advantage of the growing area and skip the stress involved with preparing a home-cooked meal on the nights when they must work late in the office. As soon as the train or bus arrives at the Denville station, residents can hop on their bike or take a walk downtown to sit down and enjoy a meal out instead.

5. Bring a Backpack

Even when a commuter is traveling from NYC from Denville, there are still times when it feels like home is just too far away. Commuting with a backpack is a must, as it is an easy way to carry around the essential items commuters need access to throughout the day. Snacks, an iPod, headphones, a book, an umbrella, some water bottles and other personal items can all be stashed away in a backpack and taken out at any time throughout the commuting day.

Rent a Commuter-Friendly Apartment in Denville

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