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How to Find an Apartment as Newlyweds

Apartment hunting as a newly married couple is exciting, romantic and at times, downright stressful. For those couples who just walked down the aisle and tied the knot, looking for an apartment is most likely among the first items on the married life to-do list. Here are the best ways to go about apartment hunting and some wise tips to follow along the way.

1. Browse Budget-Friendly Rentals

Weddings are expensive, which means that a lot of newlyweds simply don’t have a huge budget when it comes to purchasing or renting their first apartment together as a married couple. Newlyweds should look into options that are beautiful and cozy, yet offer inexpensive floor plan options that won’t break the bank. This might mean altering the desired qualities list and nixing certain pricier apartment locations. However, it is still possible to find a dream apartment, even on a budget.

2. Think About Future Goals and Plans

The reality is, a lot of married couples change throughout their time together; people’s wants and needs change, priorities shift and an apartment must be accommodating to them now and in the future. Some newlyweds may not want to go down the family planning route. Those married couples who are planning to expand their families with children of their own should consider this while apartment hunting together and choose an apartment that has multiple bedrooms. Similarly, if newlyweds are considering a career or job location change, considering this while apartment hunting is also a good choice.

3. Recruit a Realtor

Real estate agents are professionals who can and will handle most of the apartment hunting for newlyweds, from scouting out the best locations to bargaining with the landlords or apartment community staff. Newlyweds should consider seeking out a realtor in their area, who deals specifically with apartments and the type of budget and style of apartment they are looking for. So long as the newlyweds express exactly the type of apartment they are looking to rent, the apartment hunting process should be made simple with the help of a real estate agent.

4. Be Realistic

Sometimes, when people get married, it can be hard to let go of their ideal dream house, white picket fence and all. Since a lot of young, newlywed couples are not in a financial standing to purchase a home, it’s important that they keep their head on their shoulders and accept that reality that their first shared living space as husband and wife may very well be in an apartment instead of a house.

5. Confide in Nearby Friends and Families

Using family and friends as resources for apartment hunting can come in handy for newlyweds for a multitude of reasons. Since friends and family are typically the most trustworthy and closest people in our lives, asking them for their sound advice on where the best apartments are is a wise move for newlyweds. Sometimes, friends and family will have a first-hand experience at an apartment community where real estate agents do not, making them the better choice for questions and inquiries.

6. Don’t Pressure Each Other

Being newly wed has its ups and downs and the honeymoon stage won’t last forever. It’s important for newlyweds to really consider their partner’s feelings throughout the entire apartment hunting process and be there for one another, even if the process is not going smoothly or according to plan. Adding on extra stress during this time will make finding an apartment a total drag. Instead of stressing and pressuring each other with apartment hunting deadlines, try to make the experience more of an enjoyable one.

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