Man signing an apartment lease.

Questions to Ask Before Signing a Lease

Apartment hunting is no easy task. Sometimes, potential apartment renters must ask the hard questions to their future landlords, as uncomfortable or uneasy as it may be at the time. Going through this type of checklist will give apartment renters the peace of mind they need before officially signing a lease and even make the entire rental process go smoother come move-in day.

1.  Are utilities included?

Whether or not utilities are included is one of the most frequently asked questions by inquisitive apartment renters. It’s a fair question, too. Some apartment landlords include the facilities in the rent payment, while others make renters pay for the utilities separately. If latter is the case, renters must figure out which utilities they are paying for, from electricity and water to the Internet and gas.

2. Can changes be made to the apartment?

Although there are some picture-perfect apartments that are certainly move-in ready, not every apartment renter is going to have that type of luxury. Sometimes, renters wish to make small changes to the apartment, like painting the walls or hanging up picture frames. Before signing the lease agreement and dreaming up ways to redecorate the interior, renters should ask about the landlord’s policy when it comes to making changes within the apartment.

3. What’s your pet policy?

If future renters are pet owners, or seriously thinking about getting a pet while living in the apartment, they must find out whether or not there are pets allowed. In the event that pets are allowed, it’s best to strongly consider the apartment’s pet policy and what it entails. Every apartment home community is different, so double check to make sure it’s the right fit for you.

4. How are maintenance requests handled?

Accidents happen, both to the renter and apartment staff alike. In the event that something breaks, leaks or goes wrong with the apartment, future renters must know how the maintenance team on-site handles these types of problems. Renters should know how to submit a maintenance request and receive general input on how timely and efficient those requests are handled.

5. Is moving out early an option?

For some, a standard 12-month lease agreement is no big deal. For those future renters who might have other plans about their living situation throughout the year to come, it’s the safest best to inquire about moving out early and whether or not that is an option. Some apartment management staff require that a renter gives a certain amount of notice before leaving, or allows them to sublet the apartment.

6. What is the best way to send in a rent payment?

What rent money entails can differ from place to place and the same goes for the way rent payments are made. Potential renters should learn about how the apartment community collects rent payment. Some apartment buildings require renters to mail a check, others have renters drop off the payment in the main office and newer apartment communities allow renters to pay online.

7. Are there repercussions for late rent payments?

Sometimes it can be difficult to make a rent payment, or certain circumstances arise in which a renter is not able to financially or physically submit their rent on time. Since these types of situations could possibly happen, it’s crucial for future renters to hear about the apartment’s late rent policy. Some landlords allow renters a grace period, in which there is a certain extended date that renters have to submit their late rent by. Finding out if there are additional fees for late rent payments is also a wise decision.

8. Are most security deposits refunded?

Most apartment communities require renters to provide a security deposit, in the event that there is lost, stolen or damaged property to the rented apartment throughout the span of the lease. Although a lot of security deposits are generally the same, future renters must make note of the security deposit policy and ask the appropriate questions to figure out if makes sense and seems fair.

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