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Tips for Storing Wine in Your Apartment

The fact of the matter is you can love wine so much but still only have a limited amount of space to store it in. Apartment dwellers can especially understand the struggles of wine storage, since they usually must deal with a smaller amount of space than those who reside in a townhome or single-family house. While there are certainly apartment communities to rent from that offer a ton of spacious floor plan options, it’s still wise to strategically store wine in an apartment, in order to gain the most amount of space possible.

1. Recycle the wine box.    

When consumers purchase wine in bulk from liquor stores, they typically receive their various bottles of wine inside of a large cardboard box. These cardboard boxes are sectioned off into ten smaller sections, so that each wine bottle can stand alone and in a safe, upright position. Even if apartment renters do not have these types of pre-made wine boxes available, they can recreate the same exact wine storage idea by using cardboard to separate wine bottles in a cardboard box they already have laying around somewhere in their home. These cardboard boxes can be stashed under the sink or away in a closet to save space.

2. Transform a cabinet into a wine rack.

Thanks to hardware stores and other retailers, there are so many types of separate shelving that’s available to shoppers for their apartments. Apartment renters can easily buy and install single shelves for their kitchen cabinet. Layering these types of shelves, so that there are about five, is ideal. Wine bottles can then be laid down beside one another, creating a secret wine storage cabinet that no one but you will ever know exists.

3. Keep wine bottles in a kitchen drawer.

Similar to the kitchen cabinet concept, those wine lovers who live in an apartment can depend on an extra kitchen drawer to store their favorite bottles. While a shallow junk drawer won’t be able to do the trick, a deep kitchen drawer is ideal for layering bottles of wine. Laying the bottles flat this way will also help the wine stay good over time. Otherwise, oxygen might get inside of the wine bottle and, in turn, dull the flavoring.

4. Turn an empty closet into a wine cellar.

Apartments might not always get the best reputation for being super spacious. Still, there’s simply no denying that most apartments contain a great amount of small closets scattered throughout the living area, for renters to stash away their belongings. An unoccupied cleaning closet or hallway pantry is the perfect place for a do-it-yourself wine cellar in an apartment. All of the built-in shelving can be used for storing the wine and extra bottles can be placed on the floor and on the top shelving. It’s also perfect because, like an authentic wine cellar, a closet is climate controlled.

5. Incorporate wine storage into the living space.

Apartment living rooms are awesome community areas that promote common living and shared moments together for apartment renters and their roommates, families and loved ones. Since many living rooms have a display case or multimedia stand of some kind, it’s a smart idea to consider stashing extra wine bottles wherever they might fit. Wine bottles, especially the ones with a pretty label or unique coloring, will look exceptionally beautiful and unique while being displayed among books, photos and other keepsakes in the living room.

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