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Tips for Entertaining in Your Apartment

One of the best parts of having a place of your own is getting to share the space with friends and family. If you have recently moved into a new apartment, or are finally ready to entertain a small group, these five tips for entertaining in your apartment will definitely come in handy no matter how large or small your space is.

1. Arrange Furniture to Encourage Conversation

One easy method to make sure everyone is able to converse in a relaxing way is to arrange furniture so that it encourages just that. Having one couch that faces a television will make it hard for your guests to comfortably talk to one another because they will be sitting side-by-side, and many won’t have a place to sit at all! Instead, arrange your couch and accent chairs so that they are in an open semi-circle type of arrangement. This encourages people to look at one another and talk, making for a more enjoyable and friendly gathering!

2. Invest in a Bar Cart to Hold Extras

Apartments can be tight on space, which tends to make entertaining a little tricky when it comes to having enough dishes and glassware for guests. A bar cart is an excellent investment for freeing some space from cabinets and keeping all of your entertainment-ware in one place. Stack wine glasses, pint glasses, pitchers, extra plates, or bottles of wine on your bar cart for a sleek and stylish look while allowing for ultimate functionality. If you live in Estling Village, you will also have plenty of kitchen cabinet space for these items.

3. Make a Playlist to Set the Mood

Did you know that music has a huge effect on the entire ambiance of any gathering? If you want people to dance and have fun, then create a playlist with more upbeat music. If you’re looking to have a more laid back and chill night, create a playlist that reflects that. Setting the tone with music is an excellent way to help people feel more comfortable in your apartment home.

4. Prep Food and Drinks Prior to Guests Arriving

When having guests over to your apartment, it can be stressful letting them in and entertaining them while simultaneously rushing around the kitchen. Prep whatever food and drinks you possibly can prior to company arriving. This saves kitchen space, allows you to clean up, and makes for great timing when people are ready to eat or drink, as you can pop items in the oven or out of the fridge as needed.

5. Let Guests Know Where to Park Before They Arrive

Arriving at an apartment complex can be a little more confusing than finding a house in the suburbs for first-time visitors. Give your guests directions about how to find your specific unit, where they are allowed to park, if they need gate access, and any other quirks they may need to know. This makes it easy for guests to feel confident about finding where they need to go as soon as you extend an invitation.

Rent an Apartment in Denville, NJ

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