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5 Tips for Successfully Living With Roommates

Living with roommates is an awesome way to save money, enjoy the company of others, and feel less alone in your new home. However, living with roommates doesn’t come easy for everyone, especially those who are new to sharing a space with others or have had bad experiences with roommates in the past. The good thing is that everyone can learn to live with roommates as long as the proper steps are taken to set yourself up for success. Here are our top 5 tips for successfully living with roommates!

1. Take Time Finding the Right Roommates

Don’t move in with someone simply because you are friends with them. While there may be some friends you can totally see yourself living with, some friendships work better when you aren’t together all the time. Take time to evaluate if you and your potential roommate have similar lifestyles and expectations for how you want your space to be treated. The person you choose to live with will have a major presence in your daily life, so don’t rush your decision!

2. Establish Ground Rules for Your Apartment

While it may feel a little silly, establishing ground rules for your apartment is one of the best ways to set expectations and ensure that every person in your living space feels respected and listened to. These rules can be as formal as you and your roommate(s) prefer, but should be clearly agreed upon so that everyone is clear about what is allowed and what is not. Some rules to consider include:

  • When are roommates allowed to have guests over? How late can guests stay over? How many days in a row can a guest stay over?
  • What are the noise expectations? Do you want to set quiet hours on work days?
  • Expectations for behavior: How will conflicts be addressed?

Rules will be dependent on what is important to you and your roommates, but should be discussed prior to moving in with someone.

3. Make a Chore Schedule

A huge chunk of fights between roommates stem from chores and common tasks. Maybe you are more concerned with cleanliness than your roomie is (or vice versa), but it is important for each roommate to pull their own weight. A chore schedule establishes responsibility and ensures that duties are split fairly between roommates. A typical schedule might involve one person taking out the trash and sweeping the floors, and the other person cleaning the bathroom and doing the dishes. Decide what is fair and ensure that each resident of your apartment keeps up with the duties they are responsible for.

4. Schedule a Monthly Dinner or Meeting

Living with roommates doesn’t have to be strictly business! Having roommates is a great way to get close with someone and gain a lifelong friend. Monthly meetings or dinners with your roommates will help you stay connected and touch base with one another when life gets busy. This is the perfect time to check in with one another to ensure that everyone is happy and to set aside some time for airing out any issues or grievances.

5. You Aren’t Obliged to Hang Out Together All the Time

While you and your roommates may be sharing close quarters, it is important to learn how to be “alone together.” This means knowing when to give others time to themselves. For some people, having to be constantly prepared to engage in conversation can be exhausting. We all have hobbies, TV shows, and other activities that we prefer to enjoy alone. Learn what these habits are for your roommates and make sure that everyone gets enough time for themselves.

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