Apartment Design Trends

5 Apartment Design Trends of 2019

To make an apartment space feel like home, you have to make it comfortable, functionable and stylish. Trends go in and out; however, to keep your apartment up to date, there are slight decor pieces that you can replace to stay current. Whether it’s chic throw pillows, a cozy corner chair or a fabulous plant, a little updating can be simple and cost-efficient and make a big impact on your space. These decorating trends study highlights styles that you will start to see in any home, apartment, or condo throughout the new year. Here are 5 Apartment Design Trends of 2019 that will sure wow you and your guest.

     1. Tweed

Velvet has been making a big impact in apartments and homes in the past couple years. Tweed is the sister style of velvet, but less “moody”. Tweed gives the illusion of luxury and expense, however, it is much less elaborate and softer on the eye. Design enthusiasts see a whole new level for tweed. Being a lightly woven wool that shares the same impact as velvet, tweed is very easy to pair with other styles and fabrics. You can easily incorporate tweed as foot stools, corner chairs, and otomines into your small space.

    2. Earthy Tones

From greens, to beiges, to blues, natural easy on the eye colors will continue to shine in 2019. Incorporating these color choices into many areas of your home like accent walls, coffee tables and plants. Earthy tones will balance a home’s modern design and add a more zen sensation. Incorporating organic materials like burlap, cacti, and rocks will easily move your space into 2019. Ironically, PPG’s 2019 color of the year fits well into this category, named Coined Nightwatch Green. Color experts are loving this upgraded alternative hunter and bottled green, which makes for a nice change to the trendy matte black. What’s more, it pairs great with high-end finishes and sleek elements. A whole room of this color may be too overwhelming, so consider an accent wall and small design pieces to bring the room together. Another way to incorporate earthy tones is to add a biophilia vibe to the room. Keeping the space feeling natural and organic is all the rage in 2019. Wooden elements, stone, and plant gallery walls reminds us of the outdoors and nature. Using leftover materials like marble is a smart way to be eco-friendly and chic. Green is a calming sophisticated color that makes any surface area the main focal point.

    3. BOHO

BOHO has been a trend for the past decade or so, and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Its impact on the design world made its headlines in the early 2010’s for a reason. This interior design trend has a visual interest that can be incorporated into any home design. BOHO presents a feeling of unexpectancy and it is sure to set your space apart from the rest.


Another great thing about this design is that it’s easy to incorporate into any space. In your living room, you can add a BOHO throw pillow to add a slight incorporation. There are many BOHO themed colors like blues, mauves, pinks and beiges. Pantones 2019 color of the year is Living Coral. Design experts call this shade animated and life- affirming. This coral hue with a golden undertone will add an energetic vibe while remaining soft and structured. Use Living Coral as any accent color and your room will be filled with a style anyone will appreciate in 2019.

However, everyone seems to forget to incorporate trendy pieces into the bathroom. Bathroom trends are just as important as the living room. Adding bold colors with a BOHO vibe is a way make your lavish lavatory a hit. From towel designs to curtains, bathrooms are a fun, cost-effective room you can change every year. If you want to focus on one bathroom to contently be on with the trends, choose the powder room because it will be most used by guest and makes for a great first impression!

    4. Geometric

Fortunately, geometric patterns never quite go out of style. Thanks to symmetrical harmony, ethnic and tribal-inspired prints this trend does have its moments, however, those moments can last about 10-15 years. Incorporating them into your newly designed space will make a bigger impact than you think. These designs can easily reign supreme on any space, that why you have to be smart and use light delicate touches. Make your home feel warm, familiar, and aesthetically pleasing. From ottomans, to chairs and backrest, there is a piece of decor or furniture that is for everyone.


The Gilded Age was from the 1870s to the early 1900s. The term was coined by writer Mark Twain in The Gilded Age: A Tale of Today (1873), which mocked an era of social issues that was disguised by a thin gold gilding. Some may think of Gilded as an untouchable mansion in Hollywood. However, this sophisticated trend can be incorporated subtly into any room. It’s not for everyone, but you have a ongoing list of choices in this funky age old trend that can match any space. These choices include mixing fabrics, metals and textures which will create a design aspect that will keep your eye moving throughout the whole room. A variety of textures will create depth and contrast. Rich upholstery materials like velvet paired with cozy wool and cashmere add a nice balance next to mixed metals like brass, iron and gold-plated metals. There are a variety of ways to go about this trend, the great saying less is more is definitely the way to go in your 2019 apartment.

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