Organized Apartment Shelves

5 Genius Apartment Organization Tips

Staying organized does not come easily to everyone, and no matter where you live, maximizing your space is key to comfortable living. Keeping your apartment organized will make your rooms feel even bigger and ensure that you can always find everything you need. To help reduce clutter around your apartment and make the most of your space, we’ve come up with 5 genius organization tips you can try.

Use Multi-Purpose Furniture

For those apartment-dwellers who love to entertain, choosing living room furniture that maximizes your space but can still accommodate your potential guests is crucial. Furniture that doubles as extra storage, such as ottomans or trundle couches, is a great option. Commonly used items such as blankets and extra pillows can be stored in these decorative pieces when they are not needed, reducing clutter on the couch. Many coffee tables also include storage, and board games and picture albums can be stored in these drawers for easy access when company is over. The multi-level living options at Estling Village make things even easier- our apartments give definition to your space and separate your living area, which makes your entire home even easier to decorate and maintain with less clutter.

Create DIY Bed Storage

Every bedroom needs a bed, and although this is a large piece of furniture, we have a few tricks for ensuring that you don’t miss out on any extra storage space. If your bed has legs, risers can be placed underneath them for additional under-the-bed storage. Stashing out-of-season clothes or decorations under the bed in plastic bins can clear up some room in your dresser drawers, and make finding an outfit each morning an easier process. DIY platform beds are another great way to bring more organization into your bedroom. Making your own platform bed can be as easy as purchasing sturdy, cubby-like shelving from a local furniture store and placing your bed on top. The apartments at Estling Village offer spacious rooms with the ability to store more than the average apartment, so you’ll be living comfortably in your perfectly organized space.

Designate Space

Before determining what furniture will go where, be realistic about how you want to use your space. Organizing your apartment in zones can make it easier to keep track of the things you own and determine the best place to store them. If your TV is mounted on the wall, consider how you will store DVDs or video games near the entertainment center. Wires from various products can be tamed with a cable organizer or cable zipper to enclose all cables in an aesthetically-pleasing tube. Colored tape can be used on important wires to help save time when searching for the right plug. You and your guests will have more than enough space to relax and have fun in one of Estling Village’s apartments, and keeping your living area organized is a great way to ensure that you’re always able to find exactly what you need in its designated spot.

Optimize Vertical Space

Making use of vertical storage solutions is another great way to get organized. Bookshelves and hanging shelves are great investments for little knick-knacks and other decorations that you want to display. Take advantage of tools that are designed to hang on the back of a cabinet or pantry door for out of sight storage- a hanging shoe rack placed over the back of a door can act as a useful substitute for a traditional shoe rack. The spacious apartments at Estling Village will provide you with ample floor and wall space, so you’ll be able to find the perfect home for all of your belongings.

Work with Levels

The kitchen will be one of the most often-used rooms in your apartment, and making the most of this space will make apartment living even more comfortable. Mini cabinet shelves can help provide another layer for bowls and plates of various sizes, and to prevent stacks of dishes from forming on your counter, add a small counter shelf for all your essentials. Counter shelves or desk organizers are another great addition to your kitchen, to organize everything from mail to spices in an easy-to-view display. At Estling Village, our kitchens offer more cabinet storage than other apartments, which allows you to store more and live easier on a daily basis.

Spacious Apartments for Rent in Denville, NJ

At Estling Village, our one and two-bedroom apartment floor plans are incredibly spacious, offering tons of room for you to keep your belongings organized. Located just a short walk from the Denville Train Station, our luxury apartments were designed to be both practical and inviting. If you are considering upgrading your apartment, contact us today by calling (973) 878-0794 to learn more about finding your new home at Estling Village.