Apartment Inspiration for Spring

Spring has sprung and it is time to embrace the beauty of the season in your apartment! At Estling Village, we love how much our residents make their apartments feel like home. If you need some inspiration for embracing the spring season in your apartment, look no further. These 5 spring decorating ideas for your apartment will leave your space looking and feeling refreshed and beautiful for this lovely season.

1. Bring in Some Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are a simple way to brighten up any room. Treat yourself to a bouquet of your favorite kind of flowers and place them in a pretty vase! Flowers are sure to brighten your mood and thrive in indirect sunlight. You can even play around with styles for your vases and bouquets to add to your decor. For example, you may like the look of one large bouquet on your dining table, or you might prefer smaller bunches of flowers in daintier vases around your space. Experiment and find a springtime look that meshes perfectly with your style.

2. Lighten Up Your Linens

Wintertime in New Jersey usually means thicker sheets for the bed and warmer blankets and curtains around your home. As the weather warms up for spring, now is the perfect time to lighten up your linens with cooler materials. Change out those heavy flannel sheets and down comforters for softer, lighter cotton materials that breathe a little better. Switch out the heavy, dark curtains you may currently have up for a more sheer or light material — or ditch the curtains altogether. Replace thick throw blankets with more dainty ones, or just pack them away until autumn. These changes will create an airier and more seasonal look within your apartment.

3. Plant a Window Garden

If the flowers on your table are not enough, add some spring-inspired beauty to your apartment with a window box garden. You can buy a window garden box at your local nursery, along with whatever you want to plant inside. We recommend an herb garden, small vegetables, or maybe just lavender and other pretty smelling plants! A garden will make you feel happier and more productive, and is sure to brighten up your space, not to mention the practical use it can bring to your kitchen.

4. Freshen Up Your Kitchen Table

Do you love having friends and family over for meals? If so, your kitchen table is a great place to express creativity in your spring interior design. Set the table with pretty pastels or a light colored table cloth or table runner. Get creative with colored vases, some freshly picked flowers, or any decor that makes it feel like spring to you.

5. Change Out Your Candles with Diffusers

Candles are great for making an apartment feel like home because they warm up a room and create a familiar and inviting scent. In the springtime, you can achieve the same effect, sans candles, with aroma diffusers. Pick a spring scent (something that feels fresh or maybe floral) and place it in a common area. There are tons of aroma diffusers to choose from, including essential oil diffusers or reed diffusers.

Move into a New Apartment This Spring

Estling Village is Denville, New Jersey’s premier apartment home community. Our luxurious townhome-style apartment floorplans offer ample space and amenities so they truly feel like home. We have some exciting leasing deals and opportunities this spring, so contact us today to learn more about making Estling Village your new home.