Couple putting change into a piggy bank

3 Tips to Save Money for Your First Apartment

Moving into your first apartment is a liberating and thrilling time in your life! Living on your own means you have the freedom to decorate however you like, host dinner parties as much as you want, clean up your mess when you feel like it, and ultimately being able to customize the entire space to your style, because it is all yours and no one else’s opinions matter! Before you start shopping for trendy apartment furniture and picking out your bedroom paint color, first you have to be financially ready before moving into your first apartment. Consider what you realistically can afford in rent and other expenditures like groceries every week. If you are getting anxious and overwhelmed with the potential cost that will go towards living on your own – here are some tips to help you save money for your first apartment.

#1. Living with a Roommate

Living on your own might seem glamorous at times, but it can be very lonely! You don’t have to give up your fun location or desired floor plan of your ideal apartment because of budget limitations – having a roommate can change things for the better! A roommate is a key to moving out of your parents without breaking the bank. Choosing to live with a roommate can help you save so much money by splitting the living expenses.  Think about it – everything financially should be split! Having a roommate means getting your first apartment and saving money. Now you don’t have to eat dinner alone every single night!

#2. Living with Hand-Me-Downs

Moving into a new apartment requires furnishings – you can’t eat dinner on the floor every night! Furnishing an apartment is not a cheap task, however, there is a way around burning a hole in your wallet and have your apartment looking chic. Start shopping at thrift stores, garage sales, estate sales, online, auctions, or family and friends who want to get rid of their hidden treasures. In the design world, it is very trendy right now for vintage looking furnishings. Bringing in different furnishings into your new apartment will make it more interesting and adds character to your space. No one will be able to copy or find what you have in your apartment – but they will be envious!

#3. Living with Less

Do you really need 1,000 channels on your cable box? Do you really need that new cell phone that just came out? Do you really need to buy yourself lunch every day while at work? Start making a list by asking yourself some eye awakening questions of how you spend your money daily. I bet you’ll discover that you can live without a lot of unnecessary purchases. Unsubscribe to promotional alluring emails or avoid online shopping – spending your money on little purchases adds up! I promise if you sacrifice some of your nonessential luxuries before you know it – you’ll be rolling in the dough!

Your First Apartment is at Estling Village

Save, Save, Save! It may be difficult to cut back expenses here and there, but it is worth it! Just keep imagining yourself in your own apartment- So Exciting! There are plenty of ways for you to minimize your everyday spending to put towards your first apartment. At Estling Village, located in Denville, New Jersey, we offer incredibly spacious floor plans with smart storage amenities and modern features at an affordable price in a prime location. We also pride ourselves on being a pet-friendly community- so don’t forget to bring your furry friend along! Contact and come visit us today to discover our available apartments, or apply online now!