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4 Pet Hacks for Your Apartment

If you are a proud pet parent to your fur babies, your apartment is most likely a little more chaotic compared to those who don’t live with pets. Being able to come home from a hard day of work and receive the best feeling of unconditional love from your pet is priceless – however, pets can wreak havoc! Chewed up furniture, tumbling hairballs, or a surprise on your expensive rug is not ideal!  Good news, there are some apartment hacks to help your pet and apartment become a harmonious unit. Here are some helpful pet hacks so you can love your apartment, love your pet, and love your pet in your apartment.

“Who’s a Good Boy?”

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all could stay home all day and spend time with our cuddly pets? Of course, but your reality is that you have obligations that force you to leave your pet for a large chunk of hours for the day! You don’t want to be walking into chewed up sneakers or a scratched couch! Keep your pet out of trouble by occupying them with toys that challenge them, such as getting the treats that are embedded inside the toy, a bone they can chew on for hours, or a cat scratcher so your furniture is not the target! Word on the street is that cats do not like surfaces that smell of citrus and dogs will refrain from anything with a bitter apple spray, you can always give this theory a try and see if it works for your pets!

Pet Hair, Don’t Care!

No matter what kind of pet you own, it most likely sheds hair! You must accept the fact that pet hair is inevitable and impossible to get one hundred percent rid of – however, there are some tricks and tips to help your hairball situation. Besides endless vacuuming, having a lint roller handy, and harsh chemicals used to clean your apartment, simply try using a damp rubber glove to wipe your furniture or a squeegee across your rug – you will see more hair than what’s on your head! Pet hair is something you have to stay on top of, otherwise, you’ll be living in a furball city!


Hide York Cats Litter Box in Your Apartment!

Cats are an amazing pet, but they are a package deal with not the cutest accessory to put in your apartment – Talking about the litter box, here! When living in an apartment, you truly have to consider how the space can be fully accentuated and maximized by cautiously placing your things in clever ways. Generally, your guests don’t want to come over for a nice time and have to sit around your cat’s litter box – EW! Luckily, there are plenty of hidden litter boxes on the market right now, where some look like plants or a piece of accent furniture that can actually add design to your apartment. I guarantee that your guests won’t even realize that it’s your cat’s litter box!

It’s a Dog-Eat-Dog World!

It goes without saying that apartment living has some storage restrictions. A way around that is to get furnishings that go with the decor of your home but is functional and practical for storing items. You can now buy pet feeding cabinets that have integrated storage for pet food, bowls, and leashes – or create your own pet storage unit using what you have already! What’s another way to get rid of the bulky ugly bag the pet food comes in? Purchase some cheap and durable plastic cereal containers making it easy for you to store in your cabinetry, or if you have a large amount of dog food you can use a sealed plastic trash can that you can also place in your cabinets or pantry. Storing your pet’s food can make it easier for you to scoop out, plus keeping it fresh, and hidden from your guests.

Pet-Friendly Community at Estling Village

Applying these pet hacks and living in a pet-friendly apartment complex will make your life easier and (most importantly) your pet happy. At Estling Village, we pride ourselves in being a pet-friendly apartment community located in Denville, New Jersey. We offer a variety of floor plans and residential features in our pet-friendly community filled with excellent amenities for our residents. Learn more about renting your next apartment at Estling Village by contacting us today