pots spoons and plants hanging on an apartment kitchen wall

How to Decorate Vertical Spaces in Your Apartment

Vertical real estate- it happens to the best of apartments. If your apartment has an excess amount of vertical space, you have two types of options, furnishing upwards or taking over the walls for storage, decoration, or a little bit of both. Luckily, there are many opportunities for maximizing your storage and decor when most of your space is spread upward. If you’re looking to use this tricky space to the fullest, keep reading, because Estling Village is here to guide you!

Install Floating Shelves

This may seem like an obvious decorating choice, but some people don’t realize how much they can utilize floating shelves to maximize their vertical space. They’re great for storage and decoration, and if you install these shelves floor to ceiling, you can have a bookcase effect without the bulk of an actual bookcase! If you’re wondering what to store, you can display books, shoes, trinkets, and more – the possibilities are endless! Keep in mind, shallow shelves make traffic flow easier in your apartment. If you add baskets, bins, or lidded boxes, you can prevent a cluttered look. 

Hang Pots, Pans, and Mugs on the Wall

If you’re low on cabinetry space, installing a sturdy wire-caged rack on your wall can create storage for your kitchen must-haves, like cookware, utensils, linens, and more. Simply hang hooks over the rack to hold anything you need extra storage for. You can also install a wall-mounted bar with hooks to create a more horizontal feature, which will make your space feel longer. Before you get started, think about your personal apartment and storage needs and what will suit your items best. Usually, bars or rods are great for hanging flatter things- this ensures that they will lay closer to the wall. Utilizing this storage method gives you lots of opportunities to make your space feel more open and less cluttered. 

Behind Door Storage

If your small space is starting to feel even smaller, utilizing every storage option can create more space then you would’ve thought! Your closet might not be a gigantic walk-in, but this is where over-the-door vertical pocket organizers come in handy. You can use these over any door to hold basically anything that will fit in each pocket. Items such as shoes, bathroom toiletries, dry food storage, or even office supplies and crafts can find their new home in one of these organizers! You can find lots of different variations, like different fabrics and pocket sizes so each one can cater to your specific needs.

Maximize Bedroom Space

Let’s face it, we all can’t live in a king-sized master bedroom. But when our shopping addiction gets out of hand during those semi-annual sales and we struggle to find storage for those impulse purchases, having bed risers can maximize space you didn’t even know you had. You’ll feel like a king or queen in a taller bed and find that you now have more space to store almost anything. If your ceilings are taller, there really isn’t a limitation on how high you can raise your bed. This is the perfect spot to store off-season clothing, extra blankets, holiday decorations, or anything you want out of sight and don’t use frequently! 

Utilize Mirrors as Decor

Mirrors are an easy way to redecorate, especially when it comes to taking advantage of vertical spaces. This is an inexpensive way to make a space feel as big as possible. If you place a mirror across from a window or another mirror, the light will bounce off the reflection, creating the illusion of a larger space. When it comes to adding a personal touch, there should always be a focal point that’s an attention grabber. A gallery wall draws the eye in a positive way, and besides utilizing vertical space, it is a conversation starter for guests as well. Add in artwork, family photos, decorative mirrors, clocks, and anything that you see fits in the space. With a gallery wall, the options are endless and you’ll get the chance to channel your inner interior designer.

Find a Spacious Apartment in Denville, NJ

Maximizing your apartment space might seem like a lot of work, but there are so many decorating options for you to enhance the storage space and visual appeal of your home! At Estling Village in Denville, NJ you’ll find spacious one and two-bedroom townhouse-style apartments that will make the ideal new home. With apartments starting at over 1,000 square feet, there’s plenty of room to store everything you bring along with you. You’ll have access to innovative features and amenities and easy access to the Denville Train Station, and you can even bring your furry friend along! Contact us today to explore our available apartments, or apply online to find your new home with us.