3 Apartment Furniture Placement Rules to Follow

It’s true to say that living in an apartment is not the same as living in a 3,000 square foot house. We’re not saying that there is anything bad about an apartment being smaller (less cleaning to do!), but you do have to be smart with where you place your furniture. Designing a smaller space is actually easier to accomplish, plus you won’t wipe out your bank account because there is much less to purchase. Utilizing a smaller space is all about function and practicality. You don’t want bulky furniture overcrowding your space – there are certain rules to follow when figuring out where to place your furniture in your apartment. Read on to learn three simple rules to keep in mind when designing your apartment!

#1. Create a Focal Point

No matter the size of your living space, a focal point is a decorating must. Particularly in an apartment, it creates a talking point for your guests and a place for your eyes to gravitate towards. Multiple elements can be your focal point in your apartment. From a charming fireplace mantle to an extravagant and comfortable sofa, you have countless options! No matter what focal point you decide on, the next step is to compliment your focal point by arranging your furniture around it and adding little accents – paint, rugs, art, lights, etc. Whether your focal point is already established in the apartment or the focal point is something you created yourself – it is essential to pick one so you can determine the best place for your apartment furniture.

#2. Create a Balance

Balance is always key, especially when deciding where to place furniture in your apartment. If you don’t have enough pieces, your space can feel cold and empty. On the flip side, too many bulky size pieces of furniture and your apartment might start to feel too cramped. Neither scenario is ideal – that’s why creating a balance is so important when figuring out furniture arrangements. A well-balanced design can make you and your guests feel relaxed and tranquil. Truthfully, most people have a difficult time achieving a well-balanced space. There are many factors to consider for the perfect balance for your space – the size of the furniture, how big or small the floorplan is, where the focal point is, etc. Before you start placing random furniture everywhere, make sure to measure everything to ensure that you reach the perfect balance in your apartment.

#3. Create a Flow

One of the most important and easily forgotten concepts to remember when placing your furniture is to consider the traffic flow of your space. You and your guests should not be falling over your furniture or stepping over furnishings to leave the room. This is crucial to remember when implementing a coffee table or sofa in your apartment. You don’t want to feel restricted and trapped because of where your furnishings are placed. Always make an obvious clear path for people to get in and out of the spaces or different rooms. Make your space functional and practical – not inefficient for you and your guests.

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