5 Rules for Hosting a Holiday Party in Your Apartment

Hosting parties during the holiday season can be fun but also stressful, after putting hours of time and effort into throwing a holiday party for your friends and family, you want to enjoy it too! If you’re looking to host a holiday celebration then follow these five simple rules of throwing a party in an apartment to have a stress free holiday bash!

1.     Spread Out Food and Drinks

We all know everyone likes to huddle near the food and drinks at any party. To create more flow and to not overcrowd one area, spread out snacks, drinks, and other food. You can separate it by type of food like appetizers and main course. This can encourage guests to move in an organized fashion when they are trying to serve themselves.

2.     Be Mindful of Neighbors

Because some of your guests might be night owls or just plain party animals, remember to be respectful of the apartment owners around you. When hosting a party in your apartment you may not realize how loud it can get, and how this affects your neighbors. Now that doesn’t mean don’t throw a party, but if they ask you to tone it down or you think things start to get out of hand – don’t be afraid to take charge and settle everyone down. You have to live in the same building with your neighbors, your guests don’t!

3.     Put Away Valuables

Any valuables or items with sentimental value that will be in the main room where your party is being held, should be stored elsewhere. Since apartments have limited space – your growing guest list won’t help the matter – this will only increase the likelihood that someone will spill on or break something of value.  Before the party, make sure to put these items in a room where your guests will not be going and then you can be sure that your valuables will make it through the festivities.

4.      Move Unnecessary Furniture and Décor

Any furniture or décor that won’t be used as seating or table space should be relocated for the duration of your party. This will allow guests to move more freely and will make sure no one is left feeling cramped. Even if you can’t move these furniture items out of the room, pushing them to the exterior of the room will still help you create more space.

5.     Better to be Over Prepared

When it comes to estimating how much food and drinks to buy before the day of your event you’re better off going a little above what you think is necessary. The last thing you want to be doing is running out to get more food and drinks or ordering more food last minute when guests are hungry. Even if you have more than what you needed afterward, it saves you the trouble of stressing out in the moment and you’ll have leftovers for guests to take home or you to keep!

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