9 Holiday Decorating Ideas for Your Apartment

Decorating for the holidays is inarguably one of the best activities to do this time of year. With the overwhelming amount of holiday décor in stores these days, the possibilities are endless. Anyone can find holiday decorations for their apartment that fits their style or DIY some if you like to get crafty. Get ready to deck the halls with some of these holiday decoration ideas for your apartment.

1.     Swap Out Year-Round Wall Décor

If you don’t happen to have an eye for interior design or décor, this is probably one of the easiest ways to get your apartment ready for the holidays. Head to the nearest home décor store and choose your favorite pieces that fit the dimensions where you currently have wall hangings now. Swap out what you have currently on your walls and replace it with the new holiday-inspired ones – instant and easy holiday apartment décor.

2.     Garland All Over Your Apartment

Garland is a great way to bring the cool crisp outside feel indoors. Adorn garland with bows or ornaments, and it can easily become a festive runner or centerpiece on any table.

3.     Tinsel Town

For all those who love the sparkle and shine the holidays bring, then tinsel will be your go-to tool when decorating for the holidays. Sprinkle it on your Christmas tree or even hang sheets of it to use as a background for photos at holiday parties!

4.    Festive Kitchen Accessories

Since some apartments are limited when it comes to space, use the room you have to incorporate the holiday cheer into your everyday life. Useful décor like placemats, hand towels, and flatware will take up little to no space, as well as come in handy if you plan on hosting any holiday events.

5.     Seasonal Scented Candles

Easily one of the best parts about the holidays is the plethora of holiday candles that come with it. Immerse your senses with not only beautiful holiday decor, but also with a balsam scented candle or two. Then cozy up, put on a Christmas movie and enjoy!

6.     Wrapping Cabinets as Presents

Sometimes in an apartment, you can’t fit a six-foot Christmas tree and life-size nutcrackers to decorate for the holidays. So get creative, one way to do so is taking Christmas bows and ribbon, measure and cut them out to be the same length and width as your cabinets. Pull each end of the ribbon across the cabinet, tuck the edge into the inside of the cabinet door and tape it down. Then you have cabinetry that looks like its ready to go right under the tree!

7.     DIY Christmas Ornament Window Decor

For all the Christmas obsessed people out there who like to really go all out on decor, listen up. This holiday apartment decor DIY will be sure to make you feel the holiday spirit everywhere you go. What you’ll need is some thin ribbon, ornaments, and tape. Take your ribbon and cut them at all different lengths, some short, some long. Then tie the end of the ribbon to the top of the ornament where you would usually hang it. After, tape the other side of the ribbon to the top of your window sill or trim so they hang down in front of your window, and then you have festive window decor!

8.    Hang String Lights

String lights are the best way to bring the warm ambiance of the holidays to your apartment. Hang them around window sills, mirrors, mantles and bed frames. You can even wrap some around garland and place it down the center a table or around a door frame to bring in light and holiday cheer.

9.     Throw Pillows and Fuzzy Blankets

The holidays are all about getting that warm fuzzy feeling, inside and out.  Cute holiday throw pillows and fuzzy blankets are an easy way to be sure to make your apartment feel warm and cozy just in time for the holidays.

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