Winter is a great time to start apartment hunting since rent prices typically drop during this season and while touring apartments in the winter you will get a true feel of how apartment living will be like during the cold winter months. Be sure to follow some of the tips below to make your hunt for your ideal apartment this winter super easy!

1. Take Time to Tour Apartments

Touring apartments is always a great idea before signing a lease, no matter how many photos you see, including the apartment itself, the common areas, etc. Take the time to go visit the actual unit you would be living in. This is the best way to confirm that you are getting the apartment you think you are, or what you’ve seen in photos. Also, it is an opportunity for you to check that the appliances and plumbing are up to date, well-maintained and that you will have no issues after moving in. Something else you may want to take note of is what the amenities are like, especially during the winter season. For example, will you have a parking garage or a parking spot near your apartment or will you have to push snow off your car and walk a few blocks to get to it? Taking things like this into consideration while apartment hunting will help you decide about what apartment complex to move into because things like these affect your ease of daily living.

2. Keep Rent Prices in Mind

If you are looking to keep your monthly rent on a budget consider moving during the months of December through March. Typically these months are the best time to move into an apartment since rent prices may significantly decrease during this period due to fewer people moving in the colder months. Though moving during the winter season can be a bit of a hassle, just consider all the advantages of the pros, like the reduction in rent prices that come along with it!

3. Take Notes and Photos

Touring multiple apartments can be overwhelming, especially if you’re doing so in a short time frame. Take pictures and notes on your phone of things you do and don’t like, so, later on, you will be able to create a pros and cons list more quickly. Once you’ve been on a couple of apartment tours, when thinking back and trying to consider your options, you may mix up what each apartment complex offers, from the features and amenities, to what your commute would be like, and places nearby the apartment community. Taking photos and notes will help combat this problem and can help remind you about your prevailing thoughts and opinions about the apartment, and know you are making the best decision.

4. Explore the Surrounding Area

Before or after touring an apartment be sure to drive around the town or city that you’d be living in. Search for every store you regularly go to, including, the closest gas station, grocery store, pharmacies, and any other necessities you may need. During the winter, it is not ideal to travel far to get basic necessities, especially if the weather and roads are bad. Talk to other residents or people that live in that area and ask how the surrounding area functions during the wintertime.

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