5 Apartment Design Trends of 2019

To make an apartment space feel like home, you have to make it comfortable, functionable and stylish. Trends go in and out; however, to keep your apartment up to date, there are slight decor pieces that you can replace to stay current. Whether it’s chic throw pillows, a cozy corner

5 Valentine’s Day Activities To Do in Denville, NJ

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, you and your partner deserve a nice, romantic spot that will fit into your budget while keeping that romantic flare. It’s time to rekindle that bond you and your significant other intimately share with a memorable date night. Sometimes, you and your partner

5 Tips For Living On Your Own

Image via PX Here Are you embarking on a solo living experience for the first time? Roommates are great, but having a place to call entirely your own is also an awesome experience. Before living on your own, there are a few tips that can help make the

5 Genius Apartment Organization Tips

Staying organized does not come easily to everyone, and no matter where you live, maximizing your space is key to comfortable living. Keeping your apartment organized will make your rooms feel even bigger and ensure that you can always find everything you need. To help reduce clutter around your apartment

5 Tips for Successfully Living With Roommates

Image via Pexels Living with roommates is an awesome way to save money, enjoy the company of others, and feel less alone in your new home. However, living with roommates doesn’t come easy for everyone, especially those who are new to sharing a space with others or have had bad

5 Places to Visit This Fall in Morris County, NJ

Image via Pexels Fall is one of the best seasons to be out and about in Morris County. Whether it’s going for a hike, picking pumpkins, or sipping on delicious hot cider, Morris County has a great fall activity for everyone. Estling Village, one of the area’s top apartment complexes,

5 Best Pet Safe Houseplants for Apartment Living

Image via Pixabay Which Plants are Pet Safe in an Apartment? Having a variety of houseplants is one of the best ways to add life to your apartment. Serving several purposes -- including keeping the air filtered and clean and adding instant brightness to any room -- a houseplant can

5 Great Tips for Entertaining in Your Apartment

Image via Pexels Tips for Entertaining in Your Apartment One of the best parts of having a place of your own is getting to share the space with friends and family. If you have recently moved into a new apartment, or are finally ready to entertain a small group, these

5 Awesome Ways to Store Wine in an Apartment

Tips for Storing Wine in Your Apartment The fact of the matter is you can love wine so much but still only have a limited amount of space to store it in. Apartment dwellers can especially understand the struggles of wine storage, since they usually must deal with a smaller

The 4 Best Places to Go Antiquing in NJ

Antique Stores Near Denville, NJ New Jersey is a state filled with deep roots, extensive history and lots of old-time charm. From enchanting towns like Denville, NJ to more urbanized areas like Summit, NJ, there are so many places to shop for neat antique pieces. Below are the four best