5 Facts About Denville School Systems

Moving takes a lot of research, coordination and weighing out pros and cons before making a final decision. Arguably one of the most significant factors throughout the home buying process is taking a deep look into the school systems – especially if you have children. On the flip side, even

3 Exciting Events Happening Near Denville, NJ in 2018

2018 Fun Events in Denville, New Jersey With 2018 in full swing, New Jersey locals are eagerly awaiting the nice weather of spring to come our way. It’s easy to assume that shaking off cabin fever is at an all time high, considering the nasty weather we’ve been experiencing the

6 Tips for Renting an Apartment in the New Year

You never want to rush into renting an apartment too quickly. That’s why renting an apartment needs a checklist. Time, patience and strategy is needed while making this decision. No matter if you’ve lived in an apartment before, the process can’t be performed last second. A checklist will help you

6 Tips to Host A Great Holiday Dinner Party in Your Apartment

Holiday cheer is in the air! The holidays always bring joy and excitement, but they also tend to bring along some stress too. Sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves to make sure everything’s perfect when our guests arrive. To help relieve some stress this year, follow these six

3 Things to Expect When Moving to Denville, New Jersey

Known as the “Hub of Morris County,” Denville is a wonderful place to live. If you’re thinking about moving to this thriving community, there are a few things you should know. Below are 3 things all new residents should know about Denville, New Jersey!   1. Denville is a Tight-Knit

4 Date Night Spots in Denville, NJ

With a fantastic school system, a thriving downtown area, and a tight knit community vibe, it’s no surprise that many couples and young families are choosing to live in Denville, New Jersey. But no matter how nice your apartment may be, sometimes you just need a fun night out with

4 Ways to Declutter Your Apartment

While apartments are typically smaller than homes, there are many benefits to apartment living. Just because an apartment has less space than a home doesn’t mean it can’t stay organized! Follow our tips and tricks below to help keep your apartment clutter free. Tips to Keep Your Apartment Clutter Free

Picking the Perfect Color Palette for Your Apartment

Image via Pexels There are many different ways you can add color to your apartment. Use our tips below to choose the perfect color scheme for your space. Color Scheme Tips for Your Home Plan for a Seamless Transition from Room to Room With open floor plans being a popular

Estling Village in Denville Offering Reduced rent

Reduced rent at Estling Village in Denville DENVILLE, N.J. – Estling Village, the luxury rental community near the Denville train station in Morris County, announced this week a reduced price on the monthly rent for its remaining townhome-style rental residences. From now through Nov. 30, rent on the “Evergreen” floor

Fall Events in Morris County, NJ

Image via Pexels With the cooler weather, beautiful foliage and delicious seasonal foods, autumn is the best season to enjoy with your friends and family. And with so many fall events happening in Morris County, the opportunities are endless! Below are our recommendations for must see attractions in Morris County.