Best Townhome for NYC Commuters

A job in the big city is a dream shared by millions, and New York City is the place they all want to be. The last 20 years have seen a huge boom in real estate popularity throughout all of New York City. Many who just landed their dream job in the city are disheartened to learn they can only afford a small 200 square foot studio and eat Ramen for lunch and dinner if they want to live in NYC. Estling Village was created with a solution for New York City workers in mind. What we’ve created here at Estling Village is a townhome community built around the needs of a commuter.

transit oriented living

Our location, in Denville, New Jersey, is only a few short steps away from the Denville train station, which provides direct access to New York’s Penn Station. Many of our residents choose to walk or ride a bike to the station instead of dealing with finding a parking spot in the downtown area.  For those of our residents who do choose to have a car, Estling Village offers homes with attached garages, as well as additional detached garages.

Commuter Friendly Apartments in NJ

One of the main factors that differentiates a “big city commuter” is they often choose to not have an automobile. Another great feature that Estling Village provides is its proximity to downtown Denville, where residents will find various restaurants, bars, and shops. Estling Village scores a 81 from Walk Score. For those who would rather get to their destination a little quicker, we also offer the Zagster bike share program to the residents. This innovative bike-sharing program allows residents to easily rent a bike from the docks located right on Estling Village’s property. Once you are finished with the bike, simply return it to the dock, and you’ll receive a confirmation from the service via smartphone.

zagster in nj

For commuter friendly apartment rentals in Denville, NJ, Estling Village is the place to be. Come check out our location for yourself, we’d love to show you more!